Größtes Plastk-Recycling Projekt verkündet

Der Amerikanische Chemie- und Plastik Konzern Eastman hat gemeinsam mit dem franz. Präsidenten Macron verkündet 1 Mrd EUR in ein "molekulares" Plastik Recycling in Frankreich zu investieren, welches jährlich 160.000 Tonnen Altplastik recyceln soll.

Hier noch ein  paar Infos aus der PM:

The multi-phase project will include units for preparing the mixed plastic waste for processing, a methanolysis unit to depolymerize the waste, and polymer lines to create a variety of first-quality materials for specialty, packaging, and textile applications. Eastman also plans to establish an innovation center for molecular recycling that, it said in the news release, would enable France to sustain a leadership role in the circular economy. This innovation center would advance alternative recycling methods and applications to curb plastic waste incineration and leave fossil feedstock in the ground.

The plant and innovation center are expected to be operational by 2025. The project would create approximately 350 new jobs along with 1,500 indirect jobs in recycling, energy, and infrastructure, said Eastman.

Und zum technischen Recycling-Prozess:

Eastman's polyester renewal technology breaks down hard-to-recycle plastic waste into its molecular building blocks, which are then reassembled to become first-quality material without any compromise in performance, according to the chemicals company. Eastman's polyester renewal technology enables the potentially infinite value of materials by keeping them in production, lifecycle after lifecycle. With the technology's inherent efficiencies and the renewable energy sources available in France, materials can be produced with up to an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared with traditional methods, said Eastman.

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